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Google Helping Small Businesses in Canada

31 Mar

While surfing the web and watching Dragon’s Den, I stumbled across an article posted today on Techvibes by Andrea Wahbe. The article described an important announcement made by Google Canada at the packed event they hosted with Kevin O’Leary in Toronto yesterday. This event was a live webcast which streamed across Canada online for all of those who could not attend the event.

O’Leary opened the live webcast by talking about the fact that “small business owners are the rock stars of our economy.” Kevin went on to describe the importance of businesses helping businesses, and emphasized the need for major players like Google to support small business owners as there is “no greater resource available to them than the Internet.”

Chris O’Neill, Google Canada’s Country Director, announced that Google will be offering free websites and .ca domains to small business owners across Canada. O’Neill went on to say that “there is a huge gap in Canada between where consumers spend their time and where small businesses are.” If business continue to ignore the fact that online marketing and social media are “not for them”, and refuse to have a website, O’Neill feels that this mentality is identical to refusing to have a phone number.

According to a recent Google study, a surprising half of the 2 million small businesses in Canada still don’t have a website. Chris O’Neill has found that most business are too reliant on traditional media, and fail to see the effectiveness of websites, with fears of technical difficulties and costs. By offering free websites and .ca web domains for small business owners, Google hopes to help small businesses take a step towards making it cheaper and easier to get online and interact with consumers.