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Tumblr Bloggers Living Their Dream

21 Jan

Blogging is becoming one of the most popular ways to educate, express, and expose anything and everything. Tumblr, one of the most trendy blogging platforms, has become a favourite amongst influential fashion bloggers.

Tumblr has recognized this, and has recently hired a fashion director to facilitate this growing community. According to Lauren Indvik of Mashable, the founder of the social fashion site, Weardrobe, Rich Tong, has been hired for this position, and is now responsible for sending more than twenty bloggers to New York Fashion Week in February.

These influential bloggers will be given the opportunity to attend fashion shows and parties during the nine day series of events. All of these lucky bloggers will be flown to New York City, with the exception of the eight who currently reside in New York. Indvik claims that Tumblr will be taking care of all costs of the chosen participants, including flights, accommodations, transportation, meals and invites to fashion shows. Contrary to common belief, designers have been supportive of Tumblr’s request for multiple invitations for bloggers, according to Tong.

The bloggers are expected to share their experience through a collection of pictures and fashion tips, which will be displayed at nyfw.tumblr.com. Not only does this spark interest for these bloggers’ subscribers, but it directs additional traffic to Tumblr’s site. Tumblr’s ultimate goal in this venture is to “build awareness around the fashion community on Tumblr because it’s one of those communities that we [at Tumblr] have noticed but not everyone in the [fashion] industry has,” explains Tong.

It is fascinating how blogging has become such a standard way to express oneself, especially in the fashion industry. Bloggers not only have the power to share their personal style with the world, but, after this experience, will have the ability to act as critics of the fashion industry. These bloggers may potentially boost their careers by involving themselves directly in the industry.

In my opinion, Tumblr has made an excellent choice in recognizing who their users are, and how influential they can become, if given the right opportunities. The money that Tumblr is spending on this event will be returned in the long run, as the fashion industry is continually exposed to Tumblr’s growing fashion community.

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