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Millennial Job Searching

9 Apr

I don’t know about you, but I find job hunting very time consuming and challenging. My co-op workterm search is still under way and I am cutting it pretty close to my proposed start date of May 1, 2011.

Based on the article LinkedIn Edges Out Want Ads As Job Search Tool for Millennials on Mashable by Todd Wasserman, LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Millennials to search for their entry-level job after graduation.

According to a survey on Millennials, LinkedIn is replacing newspaper ads as a source of information about new jobs. Twenty-eight percent of Millennials plan to seek work through LinkedIn, as opposed to the previous percentage of 7%. The same proportion of respondents β€” 28% β€” plan to find work via newspaper ads, which has decreased by 6% since last year.

The survey was based on a February poll of 8,088 respondents, 73% of whom will be graduating and looking for full-time employment in two years. The chart below shows how respondents plan to apply to jobs.

An interesting finding from the report was that Millennials don’t find the size of the company to be a preference and that 64% of them plan to stay at their new job for two to five years. Another 24.1% say they plan to stay with their employer for more than 10 years.

According to Razor Suleman, CEO and founder of I Love Rewards, this presents a significant “opportunity for employers to make their Millenials happy,” and suggests that “companies put energy into improving their image among Millennials so they’ll want to work there.”

If the hunters are on LinkedIn, employers should take the initiative to be on there too.